Education Solutions

Modernize your campus + keep teachers + students face-to-face.

The hybrid campus improves engagement and brings teachers and students together no matter where they are. Group collaboration solutions include interactive and virtual classrooms, lecture capture systems, and platforms including Barco, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Meetings and Teams, and Zoom Rooms.

Collaboration Integrator Software

  • Connect your teachers + students from anywhere at any time
  • Experience greater engagement
  • Share materials in real time
  • Integrate classroom systems with desktop, laptop + mobile devices

Touchless Meeting Control

  • Automate meetings + simplify user experience
  • Launch + control meetings from mobile devices with cloud solutions, or voice control with Alexa for Business or Webex

Occupancy Monitoring + Social distancing

  • Track space availability with scheduling apps + occupancy sensors

Enhanced User Experience

  • Manage online classes anywhere with cloud-based applications
  • Get alerts to issues in your AV/UC estate before they impact end users

Classroom Hardware

  • Improve the educational experience with advanced projection solutions
  • Simplify with control systems, room scheduling + cloud management
  • Upgrade facilities with audio, speakers, microphones, cameras, conferencing + recording
  • Insure reliability with cabling + connectivity
  • Expand connection capabilities with wireless collaboration solutions

Digital Signage + Videowalls

  • Interactive displays provide students with essential information
  • Provide entertainment in lobbies + social gathering areas
  • Transform + brand areas with videowalls
  • Reduce physical interactions with virtual tablets

School Sound Systems + Auditorium AV

  • Stay connected with building-wide communication + alerts
  • Provide an enhanced experience with state-of the-art theater systems

Stadium Solutions + Signage

  • Outfit your largest, most complex space with networked audio, video, + digital signage
  • Ensure that every audience member can see, hear, + feel the live experience

Our customers look to us to make technology work for them, so we will never stop working until it does.

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