Integrated AV Solutions

Modernize + enhance your space with the promise of tech

Newt’s experts can bring integrated, immersive AV solutions to your space, transforming experiences and elevating your institution or business to the next level. Complex systems demand an expert team to ensure selection of the right solutions, proper installation and uninterrupted usage.

Add a sensory dimension with background music solutions

Stay connected with building-wide communication + alerts

Provide an enhanced experience with state-of the-art theater systems

Enterprise-wide network communication platform

Improve the experience with advanced projection solutions

Insure reliability with professional cabling + connectivity

Ensure that every audience member can see, hear, + feel the live experience

Featured Project


The Cremer North America team was looking to elevate technology capabilities within each of the their key meeting spaces to help improve team connectivity across the company.

Our customers look to us to make technology work for them, so we will never stop working until it does.

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